Position SB

Position SB

Position SB - the player's seat at the table, which is located to the left of the dealer (button). The position of the small blind is one of the most problematic in terms of the game. You have add the chips to the pot, and in comparison with BB and to answer someone's raise or call, you will have to add more. The small blind is protected slightly less often than other positions, and thus your stack can gradually decrease. The small blind is often attacked by rivals who, with the help of theft, want to keep their stack in working order. Regardless of the preflop behavior, on the post-flop you are left without position.

How to play preflop from the small blind

If the position of the participant in the game on the button needs dynamics and good logical thinking, then in the case of the small blind, the situation is different. Before the flop, the participant of the meeting watches the action before his word, and in the post-flop case is completely out of position.

The simplest situation is the case when your opponents folded before you. In this situatioт the nit or a tight big blind will be a great gift.

The essence of the game against the limper is its isolation. Here the limp stack plays a big role. When the stack is short, all-in is quite possible as a result of the preflop fight. In this case, the player who enters it must be ready to push. For the drawing will be suitable an ace with a normal kicker or older pocket pairs. It is allowed to compliment with the presence of perspective hands, capable of forming a standing draw on the flop or a monster. Here much will depend on the existing game situation.