Hand-for-Hand rules

Hand-for-Hand situations occur particularly in the course of the tournaments, in periods when several tables are playing, and the tournament gets closer to the prize zone, “the bubble” (only one place left before the prize), or there is only one player left to form the final playing table.

In such case, our rules state that the hands are to be dealt simultaneously. When dealing at the table(s) is over, the dealer has to wait for the games at other tables to end before starting a new deal.

The Hand-for-Hand mechanism prevents the games at the tables from being delayed. For example, when players stall for time in order to stay in longer and place higher, hoping that players at the neighboring tables will leave the tournament faster.

If several players go all-in at several tables during one hand, then the places of those who were knocked out are calculated according to the amount of chips players had before the dealing. The more the chips, the higher the position a player gets when knocked out.