Multi-Entry tournamnets

These are tournaments with multiple entries. Their special feature is that you can make several entries either at the time of registration, or with a time interval (during late registration). Your separate entries allows you to take several prize places.

Algorithm for seating and reseating players:

Seating at the start of the tournament

Each entry of player sits at a separate table. The entries are not merged. If, after the start of the tournament, there are tables with only one player left, then the game at these tables will start after the reseating.

Reseating during late registration

Entries will not be merged during late registration. A player can sit at the table alone until the system finds them a place at another table or reseats players to them.

Reseating after the end of late registration

If a player sits at all tables, then when the number of tables decreases, their entries from closed tables will be merged.

If it is possible to break the tables without merging the entries, the tables will be broken. If it is impossible to completely reseat the table without merging the entries, then this will be done after the end of the hand/hands at other tables.

The number of maximum registrations in a tournament is usually indicated in the tournament's lobby and sometimes up to 8.

Important! In the case of combining stacks in KO and PKO tournaments, the bounty of these entries by player is also summed up.