Rules and combinations of three card poker

Three card poker is a new variety of this card game that appeared in the 1990s. It's a game against the croupier, essentially a poker game for lazybones. Initially, it may seem difficult to figure it out, in fact, it is not. Three card poker is quite simple, so it is played in all modern casinos. It is also popular in poker rooms. For players from Ukraine, the best place to play three card poker is Pokerbet.

Next, we will tell you the rules of the game of three card poker, the basic types of bets and combinations.

The main points of playing three card poker

One to six people can play three card poker online at the table at the same time. The number of boxes is limited, they are exactly six, so involve more players is impossible.

If there is only one participant at the table, they can play against the dealer for several boxes at once. It is possible to participate in the open on all lines. Each box can have a different buy-in.

To understand the three card poker game, you need to figure out how to play on a single line. After that, once at the table, you can quickly orient yourself and play simultaneously from multiple boxes.

The basic rules of three card poker

Even a game as simple as three-card poker has several varieties. Let's look at the rules of the classic game. It requires only a deck of cards and a table. Distribution is carried out by the dealer. They distribute three cards to everyone who sits at the table, including themselves. After that, the poker player can immediately look through the set. It is necessary to agree in advance how the ace will be counted. It can be the highest card, as well as a unit in the straight. In the game of three card poker the rules are very simple:

The player bets Ante, then receives their three cards. All cards are dealt closed, there are no open cards, no substitutions are allowed.

After evaluating the cards, the player decides whether to bet or pass. In the case of a pass, the initial bet is lost. Bet amount should not be less than Ante.

After the participant has made a bet, the dealer makes their move. If the dealer does not have a combination or at least a card above the queen, the game ends and the poker player receives a payout for Ante 1:1. If the dealer is in game, the poker player loses their bets.

Three card poker rules involve prize payouts of ante to those who have put together the best combinations. A straight flush brings 4:1, a three brings 3:1. Prize money is paid regardless of the dealer's results. There is no prize money given on Bet bets.

Combinations in Three Card Poker

Given that in three card poker participants use only three cards each, the combinations that can be assembled are different from those in the five-card game. Let's consider them in descending order of importance:

- A straight flush is a combination of three cards of the same suit. The face value of the cards collected should increase in order. For example, it can be hearts 7, 8, 9.
- Three — a combination of three cards of the same face value, but a different suit. For example, 7, 7, 7.
- Straight — a combination of three cards of different suits, which are raised in order. For example, 7 hearts, 8 diamonds, 9 spades.
- Junior straight — the combination of an ace as a unit with 2 and 3.
- Flush — a combination of three one-suit cards of no matter what the face value. For example, it may be a 6, 9, T of spades.
- Pair — in a three-card combination there are two cards with the same face value. For example, 6, 8, 8.
- Senior card — in the absence of any of the above combinations, only the most senior of the three cards is counted.

Three card poker does not involve Royal Flush by the rules. The probability of the most profitable combinations is much lower than in a five-card game.

Betting in three card poker

One important thing to understand before sitting down at the table is how bets are made in 3-card poker:

Ante is the very first bet with which the game begins.

- Ante Bonus - an extra, bonus bet made by the participant before the deal to get extra winnings if a suitable hand comes together.
- Bet — bet after the deal, confirming the continuation of the game.
- Pair-plus — another bonus bet, which brings additional profit for a pair or a higher combination.

The first card is opened by the dealer, after that the players. If the dealer has not collected a significant card, the players receive one ante each. If the combinations are matched in strength, everyone gets their chips back.

The strategy of playing several boxes at the same time significantly increases the chances of winning in three-card poker. Using a common strategy, playing at Pokerbet and other rooms, it is necessary to take into account that pairs and higher combinations drop rarely. If a combination of D, 9, 4 is in hand, players using bluff should understand that in three-card poker, it is more difficult than in a five-card game.